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Due to the global emergency CoViD-19 and, unable to predict the real situation until the date scheduled for UbiMus 2020, the commission chose to postpone the event and adopt an online model for presenting the works. UbiMus 2020 will now take place in the week between November 9th and 13th, 2020. The authors are invited to send a video about their work (technical or artistic) that will be available to the audience on the date of the event. Also, the authors are invited to participate in a live question and answer session with the audience. Further guidance on the preparation of the material, platform adopted, and the schedule will be sent to the authors by email. The commission remains committed to the realization of the UbiMus2020 and the proper publication of the works. See you in November!

DEADLINE EXTENDED. Check Important dates page.

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2020 Ubiquitous Music will take place at Universidade Federal do Sul da Bahia (UFSB), in Porto Seguro. Researchers working on topics related to ubiquitous music are invited to share proposals, initial results and complete research projects.

Perspectives of interest

Motivation, Theory, Aesthetics, Aims, Ideas, Analysis, Design, Methods, Technology, Algorithms, Processes, Systems, Experience, Audience, Phenomena, Evaluation, Examples, Case Studies, Lay-Musician Interaction, Musification, Audience-Based Performance, Installations, Everyday Musical Creativity, Education, Musicking and IoMusT, Imaginings, Speculation, Futures, Challenges.


Gateway to the region known as the Discovery Coast, Porto Seguro is a history lesson about Brazil. It was there that the Portuguese arrived in 1500. Between houses, streets and churches, the historic center (Cidade Alta), protected by the National Historic and Artistic Heritage Institute (Iphan) in 1973, preserves traces of the beginning of the Brazilian colonial period. There you will find the Discovery Landmark [Marco do Descobrimento], the Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia Church, the Nossa Senhora da Pena Church, Saint Benedict’s Church and House of Chamber and Jail. Find out more about the city.

Photo: Rodrigo Sá Barreto/Creative Commons